Physiotherapy, Prevention and Rehabilitation:

Our goal will be a pain-free, fully functioning body.


To find the causing element of your issue, I will analyze your posture, movement patterns and muscle function. After the assessment I use different manual therapy techniques to correct muscle, joint or neural tissues. We will then work together on mobilizing and eliminating muscle imbalances to bring back a full range of motion and aligned body. You will get some exercises to practice at home and to implement into your daily life. This applies for rehabilitation from sports injury or accident as well as for chronic pain!

Sport injury treatment

After the assessment we will work on your movement patterns, muscle and joint function to ensure a full recovery. With specific strength training we bring your body back into its pre-injured state and work on preventing the risk of future injuries.

Manual therapy

This hands on technique helps to enhance the healing process and corrects the positional fault of the irritated tissues. While balancing muscle tension and mobilizing stiff joints the musculoskeletal pain will be reduced.